These short examples introduce a breadth of techniques, concepts and tricks that will get you primed for making amazing things with C4.




  • abs()
    How to apply the abs() function.
  • acos()
    How to apply the acos() function.
  • asin()
    How to apply the asin() function.
  • atan()
    How to apply the atan() function.
  • atan2()
    How to apply the atan2() function.
  • ceil()
    How to apply the ceil() function.
  • clamp()
    How to apply the clamp() function.
  • cos()
    How to apply the cos() function.
  • floor()
    How to apply the floor() function.
  • map()
    How to apply the map() function.
  • max()
    How to apply the max() function.
  • min()
    How to apply the min() function.
  • round()
    How to apply the round() function.
  • sin()
    How to apply the sin() function.
  • tan()
    How to apply the tan() function.




  • Bloom
    Apply a bloom filter to an image.
  • Checkerboard
    Generate a checkerboard image.
  • Color Burn
    Apply a color burn filter to an image.
  • Dot Screen
    Apply a dot screen filter to an image.
  • Gaussian Blur
    Apply a gaussian blur filter to an image.
  • Hue
    Apply a hue filter to an image.
  • Linear Gradient
    Generate a linear gradient image.
  • Sepia
    Apply a sepia filter to an image.
  • Sharpen
    Apply a sharpen filter to an image.
  • Twirl
    Apply a twirl filter to an image.



  • Audio Player
    Create an audio player.
  • Volume
    Change the volume of an audio player.
  • Rate
    Change the playback rate of an audio player.
  • Timing
    How to read the time properties of an audio player.
  • Playback
    Toggle the playback of an audio player.
  • Levels
    Grab the current levels (aka. meters) from a player.



  • Default Fonts
    Create a font, and change its size.
  • System Fonts
    Here's how you can use iOS system fonts.
  • Properties
    Check out all properties available to a specific font.
  • Family Names
    Print out all font family names available on the latest iOS.
  • All Fonts
    Add all the fonts to a scrollview.



  • Arcs
    Continuous end-to-end drawing of arcs.
  • Phasing
    Offsetting the motion of rotating objects.
  • Cells
    Create randomly moving layered cells.
  • Automata
    An oldie, but a goodie. Export Cellular Automata imagery.