Travis Kirton

Default Font

You can create a TextShape without having to specify a Font. By default, the shape will create itself with the following metrics:

AvenirNext-DemiBold 80pt

So, to create a basic label you can do this:

let label = TextShape("A Label")

Otherwise, you can create a font and apply it like this:

let f = Font("Helvetica", size: 80)
let label = TextShape("A label", font: f)


//create an initial font and a label
let label = TextShape(text: "Default Font")! = Point(, canvas.height/3)

//use the initial font to create a new font with a bigger size
let f = Font(name: "Helvetica", size: 30.0)!
let smallLabel = TextShape(text: "Small Font", font: f)! = Point(, canvas.height*2/3)

//add the labels to the canvas